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Neighborhood News
Posted on Jun 28th, 2017
October time frame
December 1-20th
Karen Rutland, Social Chairman           social@fmeha.org
We had a great turn out and lots of fun. Check out the pictures from the parade and activities. 
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2017
The Ketttering Trail Bridge was rebuilt by Girl Scout Troop #2507. This 32-foot long bridge was destroyed in 2014 by a fallen tree. The bridge connected the Fox Mill Parkland from Viking Drive and Tewksbury with the easement that runs all the way to Fairfax County Parkway. The troop has spent most of their year learning about planning, building and woodworking in preparation for this project to earn their Bronze Award. The Bronze Award is the highest honor that a Girl Scout Junior Troop can achieve.
Posted on May 20th, 2017
Please Note:
Make all advertising checks out to Fox Mill Estates Homes Association and send to: 
American Management of Virginia, Inc.
722 East Market Street Suite 201
Leesburg, VA 20176
ATTN: Kelsey McKee, Assistant Manager 
Posted on May 16th, 2017
Is your mailbox in good condition and repair showing no signs of rust? Mailbox doors and flags should  be present and in working order. Posts need to be mounted securely in the ground in a vertical position. If your mailbox needs to be replaced, see the guidelines set forth by the US Postal Service: Mailbox Guidelines | USPS
Posted on May 15th, 2017
If you can’t read your sign, neither can emergency personnel! 
Pipe stem signs are privately owned and maintained by the property owners on the pipe stem.
One person on the pipe stem needs to take the initiative to order for the “stem.”
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2017
FMEHA has a Facebook page that is open to the public.  
You can “like” the site and accept notices from it to your own Facebook page.
Posted on Oct 6th, 2016
For the safety of our community’s walkers, joggers, and strollers, just a friendly reminder to all homeowners to keep the sidewalks near their homes clear of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching shrubbery.  Please survey your property adjacent to sidewalks, and clear all intruding shrubbery to allow safe passage.
Fairfax County Police are warning residents of Herndon and the rest of the county to be on the lookout for bears, as spring is the time of year when black bears and cubs start to emerge from their winter dens. And we've had bear sightings in the area numerous times in recent years.
Black bears and their cubs typically emerge from their dens in mid March to early May, so it is prime time for bear activity in Virginia. While bears typically avoid humans, they may wander into suburban areas to dig through garbage cans, gobble up pet food, or pick through shrubs that produce berries, according to a report from the Fairfax County Police Department.
A black bear was caught on video last June scampering through Herndon's Fox Mill Estates. Bears are often sighted in nearby Great Falls, and it's not uncommon to see them wander into suburban areas like Reston and Herndon.
The best thing to do if you see a bear is to remove the food source as soon as it is safe to do so, which usually resolves the problem, sending the bear looking for food elsewhere.
Be very wary of female bears with cubs, who should never be approached. A female bear will usually send her cubs up a tree and leave the area when sensing danger, returning when it is safe. But if you hear her "woof," slap the ground, or clack her teeth together, you're getting a warning you should heed.
The Fairfax County Wildlife Management Specialist and the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has the following tips for residents:
  • Keep a respectful distance. In most cases, the bear will move on quickly.
  • If a bear is up a tree on or near your property, give it space. Do not approach.
  • Bring your pets inside to provide the bear a clear path to leave your property.
  • If you see a very small cub, do not try to remove it from the area or “save it.”
  • Secure your garbage in bear-resistant trashcans or store it in a secure building.
  • If you have a trash collection service, put your trash out the morning of the pickup, not the night before.
  • Do not store household trash, or anything that smells like food, in vehicles, on porches or decks.
  • Keep your grill clean.
  • Don’t put meat scraps in your compost pile.
  • Don’t leave pet food outdoors.
  • Remove bird feeders if a bear is in the area.
  • Encourage your neighbors to take similar precautions.
Remember, it is illegal to feed bears. If you see a bear, call the Virginia Wildlife Conflict Helpline at 855-571-9003.
Another concern brought to our attention is foxes in yards, and specifically foxes exhibiting mange. Mange is a condition where the animal loses a good bit of its fur and appears naked. The mangy fox has increased parasitic conditions and loses its ability to regulate its temperature. If you see a fox with severe mange, call Animal Control at (703) 691-2131. The Fairfax County Wildlife Diseases link can assist you in determining if an animal has mange or a disease. Also included is an article about keeping foxes out of your yard and tips from The Humane Society
If you would like to volunteer for our committee please email commonland@fmeha.org
Posted on Oct 5th, 2016
Plastic Yard Waste Bags Still Accepted in Fairfax
You may have heard that the county is considering new rules for yard waste collection, specifically about plastic bags. A decision to pursue a regulatory change that affects how yard waste is collected has been postponed indefinitely. 

Currently, there is not a ban on the use of plastic bags for yard waste in Fairfax County. 

HOWEVER, please be aware that most curbside trash pick-up in the county is provided by private hauling companies which may have their own requirements. 

As spring approaches soon, consider grasscycling, mulching, and composting as environmentally sound alternatives to bagging grass clippings and leaves. 

If you have any questions about this topic, here's a link with contact information.   
Posted on Aug 14th, 2016
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Posted on Mar 8th, 2016
While many of us associate the community’s name with the foxes that are seen in the area, here is how Fox Mill really got its name ....

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Fox Mill Estates Board Members
           President.....................Mark Hazlin
           Vice President..............Steve Schirtzinger
           Treasurer.....................Jay Andre
           Secretary.....................Trish Atkins
           Member at Large..........Stefanie Smith
Please Note:
The Board will not meet in August. 
Unless otherwise noted, monthly Board Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month in the Fox Mill Elementary School Cafeteria beginning at 7:00 pm.  The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) holds monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month in the Fox Mill Elementary School Cafeteria beginning at 7:30 pm.  All homeowners are welcome to attend.


These are some widely used forms that you may need as a Home Owner in our community.  Other forms and documents are also located in the FORMS section.

Click here for the ACC Application form.

Click here for Architectural Improvement and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines​

Request Resale Disclosure Packages.Please request Homeowner's Resale Disclosure Packages by going to the AMV website: www.AMVirgina.com, and Click on: Order Resale Packet or Click Here.

Our Management company is: 

American Management of Virginia, Inc.
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703-771-3995 – Office
Do not send dues payment to this address - see below.
Homeowners can also do the following online:
1. View individual account balance
2. Pay individual account balance
3. Edit account billing information
4. View any ACC Violations and/or Fines Assessed
2017 dues are $145.00.
Mail payments to:
c/o AMV
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Upcoming Events
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Meeting*
Wednesday, August 30th, 7:30 pm at Fox Mill Elementary School Cafeteria
*Discussion of covenants enforcement issues.
Please note that the regular monthly ACC meeting is Wednesday, September 6th at 7:30 pm 
Homeowners Welcome
Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Meeting
Wednesday, September 6th, 7:30 pm at Fox Mill Elementary School Cafeteria
This the regular monthly ACC meeting.
Homeowners Welcome

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Neighborhood Watch
Crime Report
Fox Mill Estates continues to be a very safe and thriving community. Our neighborhood has remained quiet in regards to criminal activity though we have had some vandalism at our main entrance with the American Flag stolen and several large rocks removed from their base.  One recent note from Fairfax County Police is that vandals are now targeting cars that have electronics in plain view such as USB cables and other valuables. These vandals, though not in Fox Mill yet, are smashing windows to grab the items rather than the normal vandals that just go car to car to see if the door is unlocked. On recent patrols, we found 5, 11 and 8 garage doors open between 1am and 4 am. Even though this is a very small percentage of homes here in Fox Mill, it represents an easy opportunity for criminals to take advantage of you, our homeowners.  Your home is your largest investment, so locking doors and windows is the easiest way to protect that investment.  We have seen many more homes recently that leave the porch light or security lights on at night and we encourage those that don’t to do so. Let’s see if we can all turn a light on and  “light up the night.”  If you see suspicious activity, call the Fairfax County Non-Emergency number (703) 691-2131 and report it or you may report it online (www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police) then click on make a report.  The more reports of this illegal activity, the more likely it will be stopped as the statistics and data trends emerge.
Reminder – To help keep crimes to a minimum, lock the windows and doors to your home and leave the porch light on. Lock your vehicle and store valuables out of sight. Another deterrent would be installing security lighting or low profile security cameras. Most criminals/thieves will shy away from areas that are well lit and easy for them to be seen. Let’s be Proactive rather than Reactive to these types of situations.  “If you see something, say something.”  Emergencies call 911. Complaints can be called in to the non-emergency number for the Fairfax County Police (703) 691-2131. Complaints and concerns can also be filed online via the following link: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/complaints/.
Let’s be Proactive rather than Reactive to these types of situations.  “If you see something, say something.” 
If you see suspicious activity or have a complaint or concern, call the Fairfax County Non-Emergency number 703-691-2131 and report it or you may report it online to the Fairfax County Police Department or Fairfax County Complaints and click on “Make a Report.”  The more reports made for any illegal activity, the more likely it will be stopped as the statistics and data trends emerge. 
Many thanks to our new volunteers for Neighborhood Watch! If you are interested in volunteering with  this committee, more assistance is always appreciated. Please forward an email to neighborhood_watch@fmeha.org to see what you can do to help.
Streetlight Update
Streetlight maintenance in our community is on ongoing process. If you see a streetlight out, please, send us an email to neighborhood_watch@fmeha.org or you can report it online on the Dominion Virginia Power Website. Please make sure to have the pole numbers and the problem to report in the email form. Ex (CO220/VG27). If the pole doesn’t have a number, please indicate the closest address to the pole in question.
Volunteers Needed: If you would like to volunteer to help our neighborhood watch program be even better, please email your name and phone number to neighborhood_watch@fmeha.org and we will contact you about how you can help. Thank you and we wish you a safe fall season ahead.
Click here for website information for the Police Webpage, Helicopter Webpage, Police Incident Mapping, and Police Blog.
For more information on helicopter traffic, please visit Frequently Asked Questions for the Helicopter Division
Non-Emergencies: 703-691-2131
For information on the national bike registry, please go to www.nationalbikeregistry.com
Would you like to join the Neighborhood Watch? Email Brooke at neighborhood_watch@fmeha.org
Do you have some ideas for a safer community? Email Brooke at neighborhood_watch@fmeha.org
Have you seen something in the area that needs to be reported, but you are not sure who to contact?  Email Brooke at neighborhood_watch@fmeha.org