Forms & Documents

These are forms and documents that you may need here at Fox Mill Estates.

(Fox Mill Estates Homes Association = FMEHA)


FMEHA Introduction and General Information

FMEHA Committee Descriptions

FMEHA Recreational Areas

FMEHA Locator Map

FMEHA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


FMEHA Resolution 98-1:  Procedure for Processing Violations of the Covenants and Architectural Guidelines

FMEHA Resolution 98-2:  Creation of Power for Board of Directors to Enforce Legal Regulations Through Imposition of Monetary Charges After Due Process Procedures are Followed

FMEHA Resolution 98-3:  Amended Architectural Improvement and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines

FMEHA Resolution 07-1:  Policy and Procedures Concerning the Collection of Charges, Fees, and Assessments

FMEHA Resolution 09-1:  Resolution Defining Junk Vehicles

FMEHA Resolution 09-2:  ACC Administrative Fees Procedures

FMEHA Resolution 10-1:  Board of Directors Code of Conduct

FMEHA Resolution 2014-01: Architectural Improvements and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines

FMEHA Architectural Improvement and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines (2014)

Important & Useful Phone Numbers


Homeowner Application for Additional/Alteration/Change to the Exterior of Any Lot, Home or Environs, Revision 2017-03-01 revision of the ACC Application form Please use this form for your application.

American Management of Virgina Request for Resale Disclosure Packet Please use this form for your request.