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Posted on Feb 1st, 2018

The process for obtaining ACC approval is not difficult at all.  Consult the Guidelines as you develop the project’s plans. Make sure the project complies with the Guidelines. Next, fill out an application with complete project details. Submit the application, via regular mail or email, to our management company. The management company will contact you if there are any questions about the application. Your project will be put on the agenda for the next monthly ACC meeting. The ACC will review all projects received during the month. You will receive a written notification of approval or disapproval within a few business days after the ACC meeting. Homeowners are welcome to attend ACC meetings.

There are resources to help you through the process.  To begin with, the Guidelines are available here.  Please consult the Guidelines for general requirements and then for the specific project that you are planning.  The application is available here. There is checklist that will let you know, for example, if your project requires a plat map to be included with the application. Following the checklist is a good way to help make sure your application is complete. Lastly, if you still have questions, email the ACC at and someone will help you.

Thank you very much for your cooperation with the process.  The season for home improvements is coming up.  The ACC is looking forward to working with you.