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2020 FMEHA Common Land Google Map
Fox Mill Common Land Google Map
Submitted May 4, 2020 by Blake Fox
The Fox Mill Estates Common Land Committee informally surveyed the common lands to take notes and pictures of the natural resources, infrastructure, and recreational features located throughout the community. Part of this effort included the creation of an online map (Fox Mill Common Land Resources) that displays the location of the identified features and various points of interest. The map includes points and line features with descriptions and in some cases, a photo. Documenting and photographing unique features in the community will assist the FMEHA in its efforts to track and monitor the health and condition of the common lands over time.
Fox Mill Estates is home to wildlife and natural habitats that contribute to the ecosystem value, environmental health, and overall beauty of the community. The natural resources throughout Fox Mill Estates include forested habitats, open green space, two perennial stream systems, and a small pond. Fox Mill Estates supports wildlife habitats by maintaining features such as bat boxes that provide roost habitat for bats. Two common land spaces are also designated as Audubon Wildlife Sanctuaries that provide habitat for at least ten sanctuary species such as native birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects needing help due to loss of habitat.
Fox Mill Estates is also filled with friendly recreational opportunities ranging from walking paths to parks with playgrounds to multiple swim clubs. Past community projects such as the Ketttering Trail Bridge and bench that were constructed along Horse Pen Run by Girl Scout Troop #2507 have added welcoming spaces by which to enjoy a walk by the running stream. Infrastructure recorded throughout the community includes storm water management structures, welcome signs, flagpoles, gazebos, and picnic benches.
The map is available online. We encourage everyone looking to get out of the house in a way that observes social distancing to explore the common lands for a nature walk or to use an open gazebo as an afternoon work (away) from home space if the weather is particularly irresistible.