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Photo Albums : 2023 Fox Mill in Bloom Contest

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2023 Fox Mill in Bloom Contest
Fox Mill in Full Bloom Contest Winners
Congratulations to this year’s winners in our Bloom Contest. We had 5 entries and our esteemed judge narrowed it down to the following 3 winners: Jeanette Asch, Morgan Moore, and Ellen Staley. Congratulations to these residents whose green thumbs have produced beautiful gardens and flower beds! Each winner will receive a gift certificate to a local nursery. Thanks also to Sonja Ruffner and Helen Hando who also entered the contest. 
Jeanette Asch, Armada Street
These well maintained and organized perennial beds give three seasons of color with the addition of architectural elements, such as bird houses and sculptures for added interest. The layering of plants including groundcovers, intermediate bushes and plants and taller myrtles and trees give depth and perspective.
Morgan Moore, Wrexham Road
The combination of built-in planter gardens and flower beds show off a profusion of color. The purple and gold double begonias let the neighborhood know that a JMU alum is in residence, while the use of black mulch really makes the flowers pop.
Ellen Staley, Tatnuck Court
These lovely landscaped gardens are grown in honor of the resident’s mother who lived to be 100!  Her favorite color, purple, is used throughout and the gardens are designed to give three seasons of color, and include solar powered figurines to give some added interest in the evening