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Shovel Your Sidewalk, Please!
And remember ... FMEHA is not responsible for plowing of roadways inside FME.
Please shovel your sidewalk from one edge of the grass to the other. By doing so, you are doing your part to help ensure pedestrian safety.
FMEHA is not responsible for plowing of roadways inside Fox Mill Estates. We have a contractor that only clears the sidewalks in front of our common land areas when inclement weather strikes.  VDOT is the responsible party for plowing our community.  You can go to www.vdotplows.org for snow information, where plow trucks are and to find phone numbers for complaints. 
About Our Website
The  purpose of the FMEHA website is to promote a sense of community, keep residents informed, and make it as easy as possible for the residents of Fox Mill Estates to volunteer their time and resources. Your Board of Directors, committee chairs, and committee members are all volunteers. Consider being a volunteer too! Volunteer opportunities are listed in the drop down menu of “Members.”  
Residents must register to view all sections of this website.  This website has links for resident only viewing such as the resident directory, community photo albums, minutes, budget information, and forms.
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Fox Mill Estates Board Members
The FMEHA Board of Directors meets monthly and the meetings are open to the general membership. The Board appoints officers, committee chairperson, and approves members of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  The FMEHA is an all volunteer organization and its success is dependent on the active participation of its members.  Need to contact a FMEHA Board member or committee chair? Please use this handy reference:
President ................ Steve Schirtzinger  (2021-2024)
Vice President .......... Karen A. Conroy (2020-2023)
Secretary/Treasurer ….Trish Atkins  (2021-2024)
Member at Large.........Stephanie Schauder (2021-2022)
Vacancy …………....…. 1             
Please Note:
Unless otherwise noted, monthly Board Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) holds monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.  Meetings will be remote due to the pandemic and school renovations. Sign in instructions for the remote meetings will be made available close to the meeting time by request for ACC and posted on the website for Board meetings. All homeowners are welcome to attend.