Forms & Documents

These are forms and documents that you may need here at Fox Mill Estates.

(Fox Mill Estates Homes Association = FMEHA)


FMEHA Introduction and General Information

FMEHA Committees and Chairs

FMEHA Recreational Areas

FMEHA Locator Map

FMEHA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions


FMEHA Resolution 09-1:  Resolution Defining Junk Vehicles

FMEHA Resolution 09-2:  ACC Administrative Fees Procedures

FMEHA Resolution 2012-02: Cost Schedule for Examination and Providing Copies of Association's Books and Records

FMEHA Resolution 2012-03: Procedures Related to Submission and Resolution of Complaints

FMEHA Resolution 2014-2:  Board of Directors Code of Conduct

FMEHA Resolution 2017-1: Enforcement and Due Process Procedures for Violations of the Covenants and Architectural Improvements and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines

FMEHA Resolution 2017-2:  Policy and Procedures Concerning the Collection of Charges, Fees, and Assessments

FMEHA Resolution 2018-1: Architectural Improvements and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines

FMEHA Resolution 2018 - Defining Junk Vehicles 

FMEHA Administrative Resolution 2019 - 01

FMEHA Architectural Improvement and Exterior Maintenance Guidelines (2018)

Important & Useful Phone Numbers


Homeowner Application for Additional/Alteration/Change to the Exterior of Any Lot, Home or Environs, 2020-05-26 Revision of the ACC Application Form  Please use this form for your application.

American Management of Virgina Request for Resale Disclosure Packet  Please use this form for your request.
Please Note:  Forms and Documents in this folder have been superseded and are no longer in effect.