Neighborhood Clean Up Week

Neighborhood Clean-Up Week - Oct 15-23
The Fox Mill Estates Homeowners Association (FMEHA) is organizing a Neighborhood Clean-Up Week (Oct 15-23).  While the neighborhood is in good condition, there is trash, broken glass, and plastic scattered in our natural environment.
Specifically, the following areas in Fox Mill Estates need our attention:
Viking/Kettering Tot Lot and gazebo 
Donald Seay playground and gazebo 
Fox Mill Pool parking lot and around tennis courts
Pinecrest Pool parking lot and around tennis courts 
Four main sections of our creek:
  1. Kettering to the bottom of Tewksbury 
  2. Kettering to Quincy Adams
  3. Donald Seay Playground to Fairfax County Parkway 
  4. Donald Seay Playground towards Fox Mill Road
Sledding hill/pipeline area 
Wendell Holmes pond
Fox Mill Elementary School parking lots, field and playground
We need 8 people (crew leaders) to sign up to organize a small group of families (your neighbors) to take on one of the 11 locations that need our attention.  The job of the crew leader includes:
Step 1: Pick a project area from the list above and select a date, and time for the clean-up. Email us and we will post the project on the FMEHA website and promote it for you.
Step 2: Secure a clean-up crew by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors.  We will also promote the projects on the website and will help to secure additional crew members for you.
Step 3: Encourage your crew members to bring garbage bags and gloves and get to work
Step 4: Showcase your amazing work by posting pictures on Facebook at, twitter at or send pictures of you and your crew to and we will post on the FMEHA website.
Please help us keep our “back yard” clean and healthy.  We think the duties of a Crew Leader will take about an hour of your time and the clean up project itself less than 1.5 hours total.